Why did I create my own brand of skincare?  There are plenty out there so what is different about my brand?

I have spent years talking to my clients in my multi-award-winning skin clinic, it often occurs to me when discussing their skin concerns, just how emotive a subject our skin is.

Another thought I have is the sheer wonder at just how much money has been wasted over the years by these clients before they have come to me. I am talking cupboards full of potions and lotions that make such grand skin transformation claims but literally never deliver the promises made on those glossy adverts.  We all know in our heart of hearts it simply isn’t true but those emotions that go alongside the pain of troublesome skin, be it adult acne, hormonal breakouts, the signs of ageing, looking into the mirror, and not recognizing ourselves (do you recognize any of these pains?) leads us down paths of total optimism and money squandering.

I get it, really I do. I am a middle-aged woman and watching our skin and body and hair change alongside the ageing process can be pretty scary.  I don’t want to be negative here but there are no silver bullets, no super quick fixes….. I wish there was.

But in much brighter news on the skin front, there are some excellent, clinical grade products that if used correctly, at the right frequency and in conjunction with other similar products can certainly make some marked improvements and in some cases, some HUGE improvements.

How do I know this? Great question and the answer is simple; through my very own results in my clinic, every day of every year spanning over many years.

Results are what I am about and that is why I bring you SkinGoal – the Skin Care without the “conspiracy”. True, clean, clinical grade, highly potency products that have real evidence-based results and are cruelty-free, 100% Vegan, made in the UK, SLS free and BS free.

What more could you ask for in your skin care?

So try SkinGoal today, try a different brand and a different set of results. Let us help you achieve your Skin Goal.

Penny Davis xxx