“Why should I bother with a skincare routine when I have a million other things to do that are much more important?” It’s true, in reality, most of us struggle to find enough time in the day for our jobs, our studies, our families, and our general ‘to-do lists’ let alone our skincare.

Each and every one of us, over the years, have designed and created our very own personal routines to fit in with our daily schedules – whether we’re conscious of that or not. Take this for example some of you reading this probably wake up 10 minutes earlier because you know for certain you simply wouldn’t ever leave the house without your morning coffee. Others of you might get back from work and the first thing you do is grab your music and put your running shoes on. Whatever our habits are – I think it’s fair to say we all have them.

So, why exactly do so many of us overlook a skincare routine? Why do so many of us disassociate healthy skin with healthy habits? Well, It can be challenging adding new routines into our busy and frantic lifestyles and it can often feel even trickier keeping up the consistency of a skincare routine. Many people quite naturally worry about the expense of a skincare routine. With so many skincare products out there today, how do we know what price range to trust?

Here’s the thing, you might actually be surprised when I tell you that it isn’t only possible to maintain a daily, simple, skincare routine but it’s also possible to keep it pretty quick and easy! I completely understand that most of us are usually in a rush to be somewhere, or at night, we’re completely shattered and the only place we’re in a rush to get to is the bed. My advice for you? Keep your skin routine simple. No matter how little or how much time we find for our skin, any amount of time is good time.

Our skin is unique and it needs us, it is an extremely important part of our bodies – the largest organ in fact! We simply must learn to look after it, even in the most simple of ways! Why? Not only because it will keep us glowing and healthy but it can also mean many other benefits too.

The benefits of a skincare routine

Saves you from stressful skin concerns in the long-run

For most of us, the moment we start to see blemishes, irritated skin, dry skin, wrinkles and lines, our first thought is to get down to the local beauty aisle and invest in a cream or serum that we hope will fix our skin concerns immediately. Instead, by choosing to have a routine – even if it starts off minimal like making sure to cleanse the day off before you go to bed every night, you will be saving yourself money and stressful skin concerns such as acne or fine lines in the future. Choosing a gentle cleanser and washing your face on a daily basis is one of the most important steps when it comes to good skincare, prevention is easier than correction.

Did someone say healthier, younger-looking skin?

One of the main reasons why it’s important for us to keep our skin in good condition is because throughout the day we are shedding skin cells. As we age, the process of turning over new skin cells slows down. What does this actually mean? This means that the appearance of our skin tone becomes duller and less radiant. Using a strong and steady skincare routine will not only improve your skin but with the right skincare products, it will effectively help to remove dead skin cells allowing the skin to turn faster (in effect behaving ‘younger’, revealing brighter skin!

When our skin feels radiant, so do we!

I think it’s fair to say that when our skin feels great, we feel great. When we’re consciously aware that we’re treating our skin with the love and the attention it deserves – suddenly our self-confidence feels higher.

Ok, so what does a good skincare routine look like? And, why is it important to apply products in a certain order?

When it comes to applying our products, it’s vital that we’re really getting the benefits out of each product and that our skin is getting in those key ingredients! Generally, a good way to look at it is to think thin-to-thick. You also want to be making sure you’re giving enough time for certain products to absorb into your skin. Here are my suggestions when it comes to starting your morning with an effective, simple routine:

  1. Cleanser

  2. Toner

  3. Serum

  4. Eye cream

  5. Blemish/spot treatment REMOVE

  6. Moisturiser

Listen to your skin. No matter how many online blogs like this you’ll read or how many experts advice you might seek, at the end of the day, your skin is yours. Take the time to see what works for your skin and remember to treat it with kindness.