Adult acne can be distressing. Often it’s a combination of stress, hormones and other environmental factors.

It’s key to keep your skin nourished and keep those skin cells turning over.

Diet is a huge factor, for most people the three main food groups to look at are:

Dairy – there is a known link between a protein in cows milk so that would mean milk, cheese, yogurt, protein powders (whey) are the first things to look at. Try substituting them for plant based options (my favourite milk is Oatley Barista if you like a creamy cup of coffee!). Coconut yogurt is nice too. Vegan cheese is getting there and there are lots of options these days. This is the food group that often has the biggest impact so is the best one to look at.

Sugar – the dreaded sugar, yes this feeds the acne bacteria and again is very common. Sugar is not just in the obvious places like sweets and chocolate but also in processed food where it’s hidden. Try cutting down drastically, it’s always a good time to cut out sugar (there is also a lot of research around the link to skin ageing and sugar!).

– Alcohol – a sub section of sugar, in a few this is a massive flare up trigger.

Wheat/gluten – for some, (although not as common as the other 2 areas) wheat and gluten can cause leaky gut which causes the lining of the gut (impaired barrier) to cause leaking of gut specific bacteria into the bloodstream and this can cause a number of issues including acne.

Breakouts/acne are caused when the ph balance on the skin goes out of balance (the above foods can cause this change) and the skin becomes sluggish. Therefore it’s important to use clean, clinical and effective skincare to help your skin keep turning over.

A really quick and easy routine I’ve devised is in our Acne Kit. This is a great way to get started on clearer skin and is our starting package. Once you’ve got going on this, it’s great idea to add in Power R1% which is a 1% retinol to help repair scarring and take your skin to the next level.

Use each products twice a day:

Prep Power – active face wash

Serum L – antioxidant/glycolic serum

Cream Drench – repairing and daily moisturiser

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